grpThe Black Creek Community Collaborative is made up of the following working groups that are committed to developing an implementation plan for each of our five priority objectives:
The Black creek community collaborative working groups consist of the following
– Steering Committee
– Resident engagement working groups
– Black Creek Microcredit
– Youth Enterprise Network(YEN)
– Boss Magazine & Ascend Retail Store
– Education Training Working Groups
– Neighbourhood Action Youth Employment Committee

Enhancement of Information and Services Working Group

The goal of this Working Group is to increase resident awareness and access to local community organizations, and to provide information to service providers so that they can better advocate for services for the community. We have created maps of the services offered in the community, which will be posted in public places such as community centres, malls, and schools in the near future.

Enhancement of Services Initiatives
In response to parent requests, we are presently looking for information about groups for parents whose children ages 11 to 17 are experiencing mental health challenges. If you would like to help with this please e-mail us at

Healthy, Safe and Aesthetic Space and Facilities Working Group

We have been encouraging people to use the green spaces and parklands in the community through our nature walks. These walks are called “Dream by the Stream”, because we think that it’s important to dream about what could be improved in the community and then work together to make changes. We’re now looking at a plan for improvements in four areas surrounding the Black Creek: Downsview Park, Northwood Park, Derrydowns Park, and Black Creek Parklands. Through our walks, we’ve noticed that these areas are peaceful, colourful, great for jogging, biking, and bird watching. But we saw very few people using these spaces and we want to attract members of the community to be more active at these locations and enjoy what the community has to offer!

Showcasing the Black Creek Community Working Group

The goal of this Working Group is to reclaim a positive image of the Black Creek community. We have published newsletters about the project. We have edited information on Wikipedia that had a negative portrayal of the community and we continue to monitor information about Jane and Finch on Wikipedia. We are concerned about neighbourhoodism and the role the mainstream media plays in stigmatizing the area.

Development of Education and Training Services Working Group

The goal of this Working Group is to create more learning opportunities for the community and to eliminate barriers to education. We do this by working together with the community, education, training, and employment providers.

Economic Independence and Stability Working Group

The goal of this Working Group is to develop Economic Development Initiatives to create youth employment and training strategies that increase employment opportunities:

  • Microcredit Program
    This program helps small and emerging businesses in the Black Creek Community meet their need for credit by securing loans of up to $5000 to get their businesses up and running. A feasibility study was conducted that determined the type of lending program that would fit the needs of the community. Right-click on the link below to download the Microcredit Report that was compiled by Edric Low, Gigi Yip, and Brenda Spotton-Visano, PhD of York University.
    Black Creek Microcredit Report
  • Youth Enterprise Network
    The Youth Enterprise Network has prepared a Business Incubation and Resources Kit that includes information on business incubation and successful business practices. Right-click on the link below to download the Youth Entrepreneurial Initiative and Business Incubation Resource Kit.

In collaboration with NYKE, Blueprints Youth Unlimited, Doorsteps, Involve Youth, Soulfull N Soulless, Mr. Fresh, Greenwin Inc, Carmen Shoukrallah, SECE among other partners we are providing youth (18 to 34) living in our neighbourhoods with the skills to open and sustain their own businesses. For more information about this initiative click here.

Boss Magazine is also a part of YEN. Boss is a new fashion and lifestyle magazine featuring designers, businesses, entrepreneurs and academics from the Jane-Finch community. The magazine promotes a more realistic   and positive portrayal of the community through pairing fashion with community issues such as economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, and education. Check out their Facebook Page on