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The Black Creek Community Collaborative is a network of residents, service-providers, and community stakeholders whose mission is to build community capacity, promote self-sufficiency and sustainability, and enhance the quality of life for all in the Black Creek Community.

We are guided by the following Core Principles:

  1. Human Rights: All Black Creek community residents are entitled to fundamental rights and freedoms.
  2. Resident Involvement: We support and promote the inclusion of residents in the planning and implementation of our initiatives.
  3. Determinants of Health: We are guided by the social determinants that affect health.
  4. Diversity, Access, and Equity: We celebrate the diversity found in the Black Creek area, and promote access to services and resources. In addition, we work to eliminate inequities. The needs of groups and individuals in the community are varied and they include diverse socio-economic status, gender, racial identity, ethnicity, class, sexuality, education/literacy, language, faith/religion, and mental/physical abilities.
  5. Partnership: We work in co-operation and partnership with community residents, businesses, organizations, institutions and all three levels of government.


Our Vision

Improvements in the quality of life of residents living in the Black Creek Community by placing emphasis on building our assets and resources, prevention,
community involvement, diversity and community well-being.

Our Objectives

  • Create stronger relationships between community services
  • Promote a more positive image of the Black Creek community
  • Make information and services easier to access in the local community
  • Ensure the community has access to quality and relevant education
  • Improve existing local green space
  • Promote resident involvement

Our History

The Black Creek Community Capacity Building Project is the product of the community’s response to the tragic death of a child in 1999. This incident galvanized the community to come together to create a Reference Group to address some of the concerns within the community. Their focus was on the strengths and assets of the community and exploring ways of building on those strengths.

After several community consultations, the Reference Group developed a Community Action Plan in 2005 with five priority objectives:

  • Economic Independence and Stability
  • Development of Educational Services
  • Healthy, Safe and Aesthistic Space and Facilities
  • Enhancement of Information and Services
  • Showcasing the Black Creek Community

A Coordinating Committee and five Working Groups were established to develop and implement an action plan for each of the priorities identified above.

In 2006, the Black Creek Coordinating Committee received funding from the City of Toronto’s Social Development Investment Program to oversee a work plan that would develop the Coordinating Committee and the five Working Groups, and advance some of the initiatives identified in the Community Action Plan.

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