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Resident volunteer spotlight interview

 Kellie Joiles is a dedicated community leader and volunteers for the Jane Finch community, whom is especially passionate about helping children and youth in the Shoreham court area. Over the last 2 decades Kellie has worked hard to improve her community and the success of its youth. This inspiring community builder wears many hats and plays various pivotal roles. One of such roles is The Finance Director of the Shoreham court Animators, which is a community lead organization that Kellie helped start four years ago.


For the past Four years Kellie has played a key role in the Shoreham Court Animators. With door-to-door fundraising and local donations Kellie and her fellow animators have organized and coordinated many community events and programs. Some of the yearly events that Kellie volunteers for is, the Shoreham court back to school BBQ, where over two Hundred and fifty children are given bag packs and back to school supplies. Kellie also plays a huge role in coordinating yearly community holiday celebrations and Christmas toy giveaways. Kellie has taken up a large and vital role within the Animators by, facilitating and scheduling resident meetings. Ms. Kellie a long side with other volunteers, are very passionate about youth progress within there communities. This amazing outgoing community leader plays and active role in running a local after School homework club, called kids in motion. We the black creek communitiy collaborate, would like to thank Kellie Joiles for all her community volunteering.

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1.How many years have you lived and volunteered within the community for?

I have lived in Shoreham Court for the past 31 Years.  Been volunteering in the community for about 25 years.

2. What positive changes have you recognized within your local community?

One positive change that I’ve noticed is that Toronto Community Housing  Company is more willing to work with their residents in improving the quality of living for there residence.

3. What do you like and dislike about your community?

I believe that the work that is being done in this community is far from over. We need a lot more help in keeping up with every day needs as well as improving the living conditions for the residence of the community. Shoreham court and Driftwood Court /Ave were built in the 1960’s and over the years there has been no big renovation done. For example some residence have been complaining of there basements flooding when it rains, which adds to serious health issues from mold and other bacteria’s manifesting. There is also a big issue about the development of youth activates. The local basketball courts and playgrounds are run down and need serious makeovers; they aren’t safe for our children to use.

One thing that we the residents of Shoreham Court are grateful to Toronto Community Housing Corporation is for the Space that was donated to us. This space is used for Shoreham Court Animators meetings and lots of other programs i.e. after school homework club and adult computer lessons.

4. What needs the biggest improvements within your community?

Renovations of Toronto community housing is a big issue within my community, there are homes that are severely falling apart and are unsafe to live in. Most of the tile’s in the homes are cracked the bathroom could use a good renovation the only thing that has been changed in my home over the 31 years that I have resided in Shoreham court was the toilet and that was only because the old ones used to much water. Some of the homes are full of mildew and mold and there are a lot of children that reside in the homes.

5. What advise do you have for individuals that want to volunteer? volunteer

Get involved in your community (“Together We Stand, Divided We Fall ‘) I don’t know who said that phrase but I use it all the time when referring to my own community. You will obtain so much satisfaction and gain much of your experience in volunteering I have even volunteered in Shoreham Public School. Well in between jobs there is no Satisfaction like it you gain so much respect and people look at you in a much bigger light. If your like me and have a love for people, children, and you want to make a difference in their lives and you have a night or a weekend that you can spare some time with a child, Youth, or even a family don’t hesitate get involved it take more then a mother to raise a child it takes a community. Children in communities like mine are often told they will not amount to anything, lets help each other change and lets get involved. You can help make  a difference.